Radio Silence (2017)

1. Radio Silence

2. Smuggler’s Moon

3. Straight Outta Nowhere

4. (There’s Gonna Be) Rain

5. I’m Not Afraid

6. End Of The Day

7. Mister One Percent

8. Government Town

9. Gone Are The Days

10. You Don’t Have To Worry

11. Follow Your Heart

12. Getting Away With It

What they are saying about Radio Silence:

“…it’s clear that they haven’t lost their deft musical and writing touch. Brilliant…” SPILL MAGAZINE

“It’s old school but the Cooper Brothers went to the right one! All sorts of catchy hooks and choruses through their songs.” BOB MERSEREAU, THE TOP 100 CANADIAN SINGLES

“I was hooked after one listen to Radio Silence… you will be too.” APT613.CA